Wine-making and ageing


This estate is situated on land with 3 different soil types:

Chalky soil plateau

Chalky-clay soil slopes

Lime soil in the valley


The vines are partially grassed :

1 row is grassed

1 row is used for production

This technique limits the yield. It also causes the roots to grow much deeper, thus allowing the wine better

capture the characteristics of the terroir and reducing the extent of dilution when it rains just before harvesting.





The wines are carefully de-leafed to bring more air and a maximum amount of sunlight to the bunches of grapes. The harvest is picked by hand and then

sorted on a sorting table



Wine-Making and ageing

Steeping lasts for 21 days and every day the wine is re-circulated twice and sprayed over the crustthat forms during alcoholic fermentation.

The wines are aged in concrete or stainless steel vats.